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Faster, Safer, Proven

A Faster,
Smarter, Better Battery System

ZapBatt has unlocked a unique battery chemistry (Lithium Titanate) with its in-house developed Battery Optimization Hardware & Software. Using a combination of machine learning and custom next generation hardware, we have built a superior system that improves battery performance in a variety of applications.

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Our Advantages

Faster charging

Our Battery AI tracks, analyzes, and optimizes 26 different specifications to improve all aspects of our battery performance. This allows your battery to charge in less than 20 min and become more efficient with time.

Long Lifetime

Our software and hardware extend the cycle life of our Lithium Titanate battery systems up to 15,000+ cycles, which equates to 25+ years. This reduces waste, cost, and allows for a truly sustainable battery.

The Lowest Risk of Thermal Runaway

Our Lithium Titanate battery has been proven to be the safest battery chemistry in the most extreme situations and environments.

Built for the Harshest Environments

Our batteries are built to work worldwide to fill the energy needs of both cold and hot weather climates.