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Our story is not just one of innovation, but of reimagining the very core of energy use and its global footprint. It all started with a common plight—the dreaded dead battery at the least opportune moment. Our founders, drawing from their advanced research experience, recognized a critical gap in the market: numerous battery chemistries with immense potential were being underutilized, their capabilities dimmed by the absence of a holistic management system.

This realization sparked an idea that became the catalyst for our Battery Operating System, or BOS—the world’s first operating system dedicated to unlocking the latent power of batteries. BOS is not merely a product but a pivotal turning point in energy management, allowing batteries to reach unprecedented levels of efficiency and longevity.

From our team’s diverse expertise in waste energy regeneration and sustainable power solutions to our pioneering work on e-mobility, every step has been a stride toward this groundbreaking creation. Our roots in advanced battery technologies at notable industry leaders served as a launchpad, inspiring us to develop a system that could harness the full potential of neglected battery chemistries.

With BOS, we're crafting a future where every battery has the chance to perform at its peak, transforming how consumers and companies alike interact with and benefit from this fundamental technology. Our journey is fueled by the belief that the best way to predict the future is to invent it—and with BOS, we're doing just that.


Charlie Welch


7 years Northrop Grumman Aerospace, Applied Research – Battery Technology Award: Innovator of the Year 2015: World Record Electric Flight & Battery Research

David Felzer


Mechanical Engineer with experience in energy, medical devices, and large-scale projects. Expertise leading technical teams through product development.

Amiad Zionpur


Ex-Head of Operations at Zagster (Acquired), a pioneer micro-mobility company. Extensive Supply Chain and Operations experience.